Harrison GB Reviews

The GB is an absolute work of art. Every detail far exceeded my expectations, and it really is a perfect match to my larger 'Harrison', which continues to get better with time and increased playing. As far as sound and playability is concerned, the GB sounds incredible, has a wide range of tones, and is effortless to play. I have tried out many guitars, and found none to compare. The same comments go for the big 17" archtop as well. I have literally abandonned all my other guitars, my quest for the best is over,and will be selling them soon. It is clear that I will not ever use them again. Howard J Carter

It won't surprise you to learn that I bought a second Harrison guitar, a smaller semi-hollow masterpiece. On any given day I agonize over which one to play — such a problem. Rudi Engel

As a discerning collector of vintage guitars, I can only say that Doug's workmanship is of the highest standard. His guitars are a pleasure to play and have outstanding acoustic quality. Overall, he is a master guitar builder. Anthony Melman

I have to say this is one of the most comfortable feeling instruments I have ever played. The balance, waist placement and neck shape are perfect. This is a workhorse of a guitar for the working jazz musician! Every Harrison 'GB' that I have played has been a study in ergonomics. These guitars are simply the most comfortable jazz guitars that I have ever played. As with all work by this talented luthier, the craftsmanship is impeccable and the materials of the highest caliber! David Wren