Harrison Jazz Reviews

What an absolutely wonderful guitar you have created — visually, its incredible tone, and its effortless playability. Realizing that the sound will improve over time (hard to imagine it getting much better), will be something else to look forwrd to. To say I am pleased with it is the understatement of the year. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my thoughts. You have captured the vision I had of what I wanted in an archtop perfectly. Howard J. Carter

I've owned my Harrison for almost two years now, and I feel truly privileged to own this masterful instrument — it's fantastic. As I continue to venture into music stores playing "vintage" hollow bodies, I can appreciate the finer qualities, nuances and sheer expressive potential of this guitar — it's the best sounding jazz box that I've ever played. Your meticulous craftsmanship is stunning, and the visual appearance of the guitar has impressed everyone I've played for, but it's the tone that gets them! Thanks again for your time and attention to detail. Kenneth A Kempinski

Doug Harrison has amply fulfilled his role as master luthier, exploring new dimensions of sound production through the judicious use of a multiport design on the archtop which he built for me. I knew in the first few days of ownership of my Harrison guitar that Doug had fulfilled my expectations. A few minutes actually playing a Harrison jazz guitar equipped with the multiport option will transcend the words into a memorable musical moment. T.R.

My big Doug Harrison archtop is drop-dead gorgeous and sounds even better. Doug's immense talent as a luthier and his meticulous nature conspired to create a truly great instrument. When I'm not gigging with it, it's on display in my living room as a genuine piece of art. Rudi Engel